TheDiamondMinecart (Daniel Middleton) is a YouTuber with a Respectable amount of Subscribers. At the time of this Wiki, he has over 16,000,000 subscribers His combined Video Views range from 5 billion to 11 billion. He's uploaded a total of about 2,613 videos and that number still increasing. His main videos vary from adventure maps to ROBLOX videos. He is married to a nice girl named Jemma, who also plays Minecraft. He also enjoys playing Garry's Mod (Gmod for short).

He has a librarian villager named "Dr. Trayaurus". He also has a wolf companion in some videos named "Grim". He also has a Chicken named "Mcduck". On December 25th, he got a pug named Ellie.

He started out doing the Castle Blood mod with Ryan, and shortly after he did Pixelmon and other things like that.

He also made a modpack called The Diamond Dimensions.He is known not only for his mod showcases but also for his Diamond Dimensions series and his latest Xbox series.

Friends: Jemma, AtlanticCraft, ThnxCya, Ryan (brother), PixelSwiftDraw and BodyweIght and rosy rowan.