Diamond GolemEdit

Diamond Golem

The Diamond Golem.

The first one to be created by Dan, the Diamond Golem is, so far, the least powerful Golem. He helps protect Dan's house. He died when engaging a mob that overpowered him.

Quartz GolemEdit

Quartz Golem

The Quartz Golem.

The second golem created by Dan, the Quartz Golem is stronger than the Diamond Golem, but not as strong as the Obsidian Golem. He has been poisoned twice and is at very low health. He engaged in combat (presumably) twice.

Obsidian GolemEdit

The third golem created by Dan. The Obsidian Golem is the most powerful of the golems, though he hasn't engaged in combat yet.
Obsidian Golem

The Obsidian Golem.

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